Solar Policy

TID's Solar Policy

TID's polices for solar installations are built on three tenets: 

  • Customer Solar Neutrality - TID is neutral as to whether or not customers choose to install solar generation and does not want to erect any artificial barriers to a customer’s informed decision to install solar generation.
  • Fundamental Fairness - TID’s goal is for fairness and rate equity between solar and non-solar customers.
  • Customer Communication and Support - Additional customer communication, enhanced web presence and help with common questions will help customers make informed decisions as to whether installing solar is right for them.

California’s early mandated solar subsidies were a driving force for development and cost reductions and TID’s customer installation rates indicate that this policy has been a success. As a customer-owned, not-for-profit utility, TID does not have a business model that can absorb program costs without passing them along so; any rebate or subsidy given to one group of customers must be paid for by all customers.

TID believes that the legislative mandates recognized this cost-shift from solar to non-solar customers and that’s why the mandates required declining rebates and a net metering cap. Once meeting the legislative mandates, TID’s goal is for rate policies that center on fairness and rate equity between solar and non-solar customers.