Generation Facilities

TID continues to expand its generation facilities and diversify its power supply portfolio in order to meet the demand of the fourteen communities that it serves.


TID installed a 70.7 kilowatt array of photovoltaic panels atop our newly renovated parking structure, expected to generate 132,460 kilowatt-hours a year.


TID generates clean electricity through Don Pedro Powerhouse and other small-scale hydroelectric projects.


TID recently purchased the Tuolumne Wind Project which can generate up to 136.6 megawatts.

Natural Gas Power Plants

TID owns several natural gas-fueled generation facilities; Walnut Energy Center, Almond Power Plant, Walnut Power Plant and the recently completed Almond 2 Power Plant.

Geothermal & Coal Facilities

TID has acquired an interest in geothermal plant in California as well as power purchase agreement for coal in Oregon.